Kuta Circumcision, Denpasar Circumcision, Bali Circumcision

 06 September 2016   

Kuta Circumcision, Denpasar Circumcision, Bali Circumcision

The practice of Insani Sunatan Center has more than 8 years of experience in serving Indonesian and Foreign (Tourist) patients in Bali.

In general, 95% of patients chose the electrocautery/laser circumcision technique with consideration of the fastest completion and the least bleeding.

The distribution of patients in our clinic is mostly domiciled from Kuta, Denpasar and regencies outside Denpasar

Constraints that are often encountered are pediatric patients under 7 years old, pediatric patients are sometimes fussy. For this, good communication between the child-family-medical doctor is needed

The child should be given a positive spirit (don't be afraid) to undergo this medical circumcision procedure. In order to have a positive psychological effect, be brave and be able to withstand pain during anesthesia

The pain during circumcision is only during anesthesia (± 5 seconds). After anesthesia, the patient will feel immune to pain

The procedure for pediatric circumcision is ± 15 minutes, adult circumcision is ± 40 minutes.

For the needs of Kuta circumcision, Denpasar circumcision, Bali circumcision, you can contact the Insani Circumcision Center


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