Post-circumcision cases that require revision surgery

 18 Maret 2022   

Sunat bali

Circumcision is a medical surgical procedure for religious or health reasons

Circumcision patients are generally children

The choice of medical circumcision providers in Indonesia varies, there are traditional circumcision, medical nurses, general practitioners, clinics, or surgeons in hospitals

Post-circumcision complications that are quite often found are 1. failed circumcision and 2. asymmetrical circumcision


1. Failed circumcision

occurs when the operator removes less of the foreskin. So as a result, the penis looks like it hasn't been circumcised


2. Circumcision is not symmetrical

occurs when the operator takes the foreskin on the right and left sides of the different length. So it looks like the the foreskin is hanging like a cock's comb, on one side of the penis.


Both cases reccomended to have minor surgery, modify the foreskin of the penis. So that the patient's circumcision results look more aesthetic