Elbow Bursitis

 16 Juni 2022   

Bursitis elbow olecranon

Olecranon elbow bursitis is inflammation of the subcutaneous synovial-lined sac of the bursa overlying the olecranon process at the proximal aspect of the ulna . The bursa supports the olecranon and reduces friction between it and the skin, especially during movement. The superficial location of the bursa, between the ulna and the skin at the posterior tip of the elbow, makes it susceptible to inflammation from acute or repetitive trauma. Many cases are idiopathic in nature.

Patient may report pain at the affected site, although sometimes the swelling is painless.

Pain often is exacerbated by pressure, recurrent swelling is often nontender

Swelling may have a gradual or sudden (due to trauma or infection)

Oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help to reduce the pain and inflammation of olecranon bursitis.

Injectable corticosteroid can be beneficial in cases in which the history, physical examination, and joint aspiration do not suspicion of infection.

Most cases of olecranon bursitis respond very well to a series of 1-2 joint aspirations (with or without corticosteroid injection) combined with additional treatment.