Nail Injury

 15 Agustus 2022   

nail injury

Fingernails function is for scratch, serve as defense, protect fingertips, contribute to tactile sensation, and regulate peripheral blood circulation. Abnormal nail shape is a cosmetic and functional problem because it can easily get caught in objects, causing finger pain and swelling

Nail forms that require nail extraction are infections, tumors, or trauma wounds, ingrown nails, fungal infections of the nails

Before the procedure, the doctor will give a local anesthetic to reduce pain in the finger. Then wait a few minutes for anesthesia to be achieved. The doctor will insert a curved blade tool to remove the nail from the nail bed. After the nail is separated from the nail bed, the nail is gently removed with a hemostat medical traction device

Complications of the nail extraction procedure are bleeding, infection and injury to the nail bed