Infusion therapy in Bali , Canggu, Seminyak , Kerobokan, Kuta

 10 Oktober 2022   

Infusion Bali

Medical Infusion


A method of putting fluids, including drugs, into the bloodstream. Also called intravenous infusion.

IV drip therapy is administered by nurses or trained medical professionals.

Your nurse will perform a series of checks to verify:

  • your identity
  • the right medication and the right dose
  • the right time, as some medications are given at a specific time of day or for a specific length of time

The length of each treatment depends on the medication and your specific condition. It could take 30 minutes or several hours.

Once the medication dispenses, the catheter will be removed.

Bali as a tropical island, the incidence cases of Bali belly (Gastroenteritis acute), dengue fever and influenza is quite high

In experience, three cases above have faster healing responses, when oral therapy is combined with infusion therapy

Our medical team provide inhouse infusion (IV drip) specially infusion in canggu , Kerobokan, seminyak, legian, kuta